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large burritos

We are arguably the originators of Burritos on the Island of Cozumel. Since then, there have been many try, but none have matched our quality, taste or size. Each one is made from ingredients prepared at the time of order. Our burritos are not assembled, they are handcrafted one at a time. We invite you to check out some of our new offerings. *all burritos come with a side of cheese nachos, pico, guacamole and sour creme. Also, the tortilla chips are made in house and the Giant Flour tortilla is made on 20ave by “Tortilleria Lucy”.


(Brooke’s Breakfast Burrito)
Simply the best breakfast you’ve had all week wrapped in an easy to hold/eat package. Bacon, eggs, cheese, potatoes and a host of complimentary ingredients cooked by our resident hangover experts. It’s really got it all.


    Delicious chunks of chicken with our house Poblano/Cilantro sauce wrapped up with cheese, rice, pico de gallo and a little avocado.


    Flank steak grilled to juicy goodness, cut up and put with Cheese, Refried beans, rice and a little pico de gallo wrapped up in a fresh tortilla.


    This was one of our most popular burritos and it wasn’t even on the menu. Succulent chunks of fresh Cozumel Lobster cooked in a light alfredo all wrapped up with rice, pico and Avocado. Simply delicious.


    If you haven’t had this before, you should before you go. Blackened chicken cut into mouth watering chunks, dressed in our Mango Chipotle Sauce all wrapped up in a giant flour tortilla with rice, cheese and awesomeness. Period.