Mexican Food

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100% Mexican food prepared by 100% Mexican people. In Mexico. From Tacos to our Guacamole, what’s not to love. You may consider going off the map a little with the Chicken Rajas or the purely decadent Seafood Nachos.


    Three fresh made, 100% authentic tacos served with fresh Pico de Gallo and Guacamole. Go big with our Local Lobster tacos, Chicken Rajas, Beef, Fish, Shrimp or Chicken.


    Our Quesadillas are a meal. We use fresh 13” Flour tortillas from up the street, grill them filled with Manchego cheese and your choice of Chicken, Arracherra (steak), Shrimp or Veggies.


    There’s hardly anything else in the world like Fajitas, and rest assured, we do it right. Your choice of meat cooked directly on a cast iron sizzler and flambé’d with our house tequila. Served with warm flour tortillas, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole and cream (on the side). Enough to share, but you won’t want too :-)


    I know, technically Nachos aren’t Mexican. So what? They’re good. Using our nearly patented “Beans on Every Chip” method, we layer fresh made totopos (chips), refried beans, cheese and your choice of Blackened Chicken w/Mango Chipotle, Seafood, Arracherra Steak or just plain cheese! Served with Pico, Guac and Cream.